i love

- Italia ha il mio cuore. It’s my favorite place in the world—Sicily to be specific. I’m constantly dreaming of my next trip.

- Puerh tea is my jam. I drink it every. single. morning.

- I’m a diehard Spurs fan…even when I’m too busy to pay attention to the season. 

- Mac and cheese is my weakness. It should be a side to every meal.

- I’m a whiskey kinda gal. I’ll take it neat, please.

- Wolves are my spirit animal. Foxes are a close second.

- I do yoga every day. Even when I don’t want to…which is a lot. #FindWhatFeelsGood

hello. I'm Jessica.


fresh flowers




pebble beaches


You know that feeling when you look at a photograph... the one where you're transported right back into the moment it was snapped? It’s as if you can taste the salt in the air, hear the waves crashing in the distance, and feel the warmth of your loved one’s arms wrapped around you! You remember exactly what song was playing and the color of your outfit. You are overcome with emotions and nostalgia. I LOVE that feeling.

Whether it's the most important day of your life or just another morning snuggling the kids in bed, these moments are meant to be cherished. They are meant to be remembered and celebrated. They are meant to be shared for generations to come.

A little cliché? Definitely! But that doesn’t mean it’s not true…

All you need is love

Jessica's Philosophy