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Roma + Abruzzo 2019 As with our 2018 trip to Sicilia, I decided to share a very detailed itinerary of our eight day road trip from Rome and through the beautiful mountainous region of Abruzzo! Italy holds a very special place in my heart and I had no idea in the fall of 2019 that […]


March 12, 2021

Travel Series | Part V: Roma + Abruzzo

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Evening Visit to Cattedrale di Monreale For a relaxing end to the afternoon, we made our way up the winding roads of Monte Caputo to a small commune called Monreale. Still technically part of Palermo’s city limits, this town has a history completely it’s own—as one of the main highlights, the beautiful cathedral was constructed […]


June 20, 2020

Travel Series | Part IV: Cattedrale di Monreale

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